(In)Animate - animation, life drawing, and design by Britt Sanborn

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Our November exhibition, (In)Animate, challenges people's perceptions of what 'art' is by juxtaposing local artist Britt Sanborn's refreshingly new and highly-skilled animation work with her beautifully executed life drawings.

Exhibition dates: November 1-23, 2011

Opening reception: Meet the artist at our opening reception on Friday November 4, from 7-9pm. All welcome - admission is free and the appetizers are delicious!

Artist talks, workshops: During her exhibition Britt will be working with Muheim School to create a collective comic book - they will spend some time creating characters, thinking of a funny situation, and then placing this into a one page comic. Britt is also offering talks for students at the Gallery on the animation process, and readings from her children's books for elementary classes up to Grade 3. Schools are welcome to make appointments directly with Britt (877-3713) or through the Gallery.

Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 12pm – 4pm

For more information: Contact the Gallery at info@smithersart.org, (250) 847-3898


Britt Sanborn was born in Powell River, BC. She was born with a pencil in her hand and started her life as an artist by drawing her favourite subject: mermaids. After graduating high school where nobody in school encouraged her love of art, she floundered in University for a few years. She took a minor in art and a major in English, intending to become a high school art teacher. After failing to be inspired and challenged by art in University, she found out about the Classical Animation program at Capilano University in North Vancouver where she finally found her niche. Her teachers pushed her and gave her the skills to create what she wanted, and from there she specialized in character design and used that skill to help her create some children’s books. She moved to Smithers in August of 2010 and intends to pursue making children’s books and doing freelance work from home.


When you think of an artist, painting, sculpture, installation, carving, or drawing may come to mind. Very few people name animators or cartoonists in this list when they think about art or artists. Animators and cartoonists, as well as comic book artists, are actually highly trained artists and spend a lot of time honing their skills which include learning how to sketch (how to SEE something and put it down on paper quickly, memorizing the details so they can be put in later), how to draw the human form from any position and angle and understand how a body moves in space, learning when and how to exaggerate (this is where ‘cartooning’ comes in), learning colour theory, and learning perspective to create environments, among many other things. A sense of humor is usually a prerequisite. What I hoped to achieve by having my art in the Gallery is to show people a little bit of what it takes to be an animator and designer and also to show people that careers in art take on many forms. It took me a long time to find my direction in the art world, and I was very surprised at how many branches of art there really are.